DIY on Modern Invitations: Using Business Cards and QR Codes




Introduction: DIY on Modern Invitations: Using Business Cards and QR Codes

I’m organizing a party for programmers and techy people. Being too bored of the usual printed invitations I started to brainstorm (…with myself – LOL!) on cool invitations that I can create.

The list included, debugging an HTML page to creating pop-up windows and even coding an online application just for the party.

But since most of them require a lot of programming background I decided to stick with the printed invitation but put a twist into it by encoding the invitation details on QR Codes.


QR Codes
Business Cards

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Step 1: DESIGN

Think of a design for your invitation. I decided to put it on a business card because it’s cheaper to order in bulk. I even go further into the design by having it on a custom 2” x 2” size, so that it perfectly fits the QR code.


Start laying out details on the front side of the business card, just have it short and simple to add up to their excitement and curiosity. Save all the details on the QR code.

Step 3: QR CODES

Generate a QR code online. You can search for QR code generators on Google or you can visit this site:


Layout the QR Code image at the back of the card. You can use any editing software or even just Microsoft Word or Paint, it you’re not that techy. Add up a few details to spice up the invitation, you can’t go wrong with humor. Just do not make it politically or religiously offensive – LOL!

Step 5: PRINT

Print out the invitations on your printer and cut them out. Or to save you the hassle I usually print online and have it delivered.

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