DVD Storage Shelves




Introduction: DVD Storage Shelves

I was looking for a shelf with a nice and for DVD , Blu ray films and games that it not only occupies a little space but also can be used in the part of the decoration of home. It brought a plan to my mind that has not complicated details and looks beautiful in the sitting room.

Step 1: Design

In order to have more stability and less weight I tried to use light steel (box steel 20*40 mm, thickness 1 mm), which is using for furnichers and delicate industrial works.

I do most of my activities with 3D max software so I tried to design the main plan with complete and exact details in 3D max but according to the fact that this software may not be accessible for everyone , I did the plan in sketchup software with exact measuring that you can use it.

You can use sketchup software for 30 days here.

Step 2: Assemble Materials, Tools

Assemble materials

  • Box steel 20*40 mm, thickness 1 mm
  • Copper rod
  • Electrode
  • Rustproof
  • Water soluble Acrylic paint
  • L screw
  • Rubber sponge


  • Miter Saw (or CNC)
  • Arc welding (or Gas welding)
  • Angle grinder
  • Welding magnet
  • Paint Brush, Paint Roller

Step 3: Cutting

First of all, I draw all of the cutting place on the paper.
Then I cut with hacksaw and miter saw. It’s better to use the CNC to have clean cutting.

Step 4: Welding

At first, in order to have a clean welding keep the pieces with welding magnet then start welding.

With considering that the piece is tin so it’s better to do attach with gas welding. But it’s not accessible for everyone so I do it with some electrode point welds (Arc welding) and then I clean and smooth the surface of welding with angle grinder.

(Pay attention that the piece is thin and may be deformed so it’s better to do attach with gas welding.)

Step 5: Painting

I painted all of the surfaces with rustproof and I did it twice then I waited for drying.

Because of the acrylic paint that It is water soluble and it may causes oxidizing I used rustproof.

After drying I painted with acrylic paint several times. Using Acrylic paint causes we have a texture like wood and looks more beautiful.

Step 6: Installation

Now I do drilling in 20 cm space with drill bit 4mm for
preparing the legs.I used the copper rods 3mm with 22 cm length for legs. I curved one side in 1 cm to prevent separation. I drill with drill bit 5 on the main leg for attach the work on the wall and I set up it on the wall with the L screw 4mm.

I used the rubber sponge to protected the wall from the scotch.

Step 7: Finish

That’ s finish and enjoy.

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    4 years ago

    Ali, you should get a patent on this and take it to manufacturers. Or, make them and sell them yourself. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

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    Wow. This is awesome. You should seriously enter this in the metal contest.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you for your guidance,
    I entered in the metal contest and I hope it get vote