Damascus Steel Oyster Knife

Oysters are a special to me and many other people. It is a pure product from the sea. No manipulation, no growing optimization and no filling. Just water, salt and time. My family has been growing oysters for more than a 100 years and it inspired me to make my first oyster knife 4 years ago.

After shipping every oyster knife I ever made, it was time to make one for myself. The steel used is Damasteel Thor pattern. It is a stainless forge welded damascus steel that has a beautiful organic pattern. For me it resembles the raw and organic lines of an oyster. Therefore this knife is not just an oyster opening tool, it is art as well.

Music by Uniq//art of silence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V-pY...

Step 1: In Depth Look at the Proces

In this longer video I discuss all details about how I made the knife and how I etched the blade. Also: how to make Huitra a Gratin!



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