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A friend, Jay Babin, at my Makerspace "River City Labs" made a piece of art using a painted motherboard and a 3d printed Malenium Falcon. It inspired me to make the trench run table.

Thanks Jay!!!

Step 1: Acquire Parts

Collect circuit boards. I found a good source of obsolete server motherboards but any standard sized boards could work. Try to get 15 that are the same size. Parts from other boards can be added to give them more detail later.

Step 2: Build a Frame

I upcycled old pallet wood and ran it through the planer and table saw to make standard sized boards. You can build your frame from other sources like sheets of mdf if you prefer.
The key to the frame is to build in some strength as the weight of the motherboards will add up fast. The base should be wide enough to secure the sides to but short enough on length that the motherboards overhang the edge. Continue building with this in mind and have the motherboards overhang wherever possible to give it a cleaner finish. Keep it standard at a thickness that will match the trim pieces you want to wrap the table with.

Step 3: Paint

A flat gray primer is perfect for the Death Star. Remember to spray in a well ventilated area and wear a mask. Spray at least two coats and hit it from every possible angle.
Once the paint dries, add more parts from your collection. I found that heat sinks are a great item to give it the right look.
Glue them on with hot glue or super glue and hit the entire thing with a couple more coats of primer.

Step 4: Build a Frame

I harvested old pallets and processed them into standard boards for my frame but you can use mdf to save time ;)
Build the base wider than the boards so you can add the sides to it. Keep the length shorter than the boards by the thickness of whatever trim pieces you want to add later. Secure the boards to the frame as you build it. Remember to support the top pieces as weight of the boards will add up.

Step 5: Ships!

To match the scale of the motherboards, server boards are quite big, I used Hotwheels xwings, tie fighters, and y wings. The falcon an old Action Fleet vehicle.
Depending on your boards, other variations may be better sized.
The ships that are on top of the glass sit there with no stands needed.
For the ships in the trench, I removed the stands and used standard house wire that I painted, cut to size, and super glued to the bottoms of the ships. I drilled holes in the motherboards and part way into the wood underneath and glued in the wire.

Step 6: Glass

You might be able to scavenge a piece of glass from an existing table but I ended up ordering a custom tempered glass piece from Amazon.
Either add glass supports to your table or get creative and use something like the ducted fans in the servers. They have rubber pads on them already and stood taller than the other parts so they were a perfect fit.

Step 7: Explosion!!!

You can add cool explosions to your table. For mine, I harvested an LED lamp that had a low profile and bright red setting. Use a bit of chicken wire to make the shape, then hot glue cotton stuffing to the outside. Spray paint or preferably airbrush a bit of orange and black to the cotton. Then glue it all to the light.
That's it!
Have fun, get creative, and make your table!

Step 8: Blow Up a Ship

Want to add some excitement? Get an extra ship and blow it up!
I decided to blow up a tie fighter and started by cutting one of the wings off.
Next, use a drill to make a hole in each section to fit a piece of wire.
Hot glue it in and glue some cotton stuffing to cover the wire.
I had an extra led light laying around so i took off the cover, leaving a black base with the led on top. I set the tie fighter on it so the led was under the cotton.

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    4 days ago

    amazing job!!!!!!


    19 days ago

    I believe this is one of the coolest things on Instructables, going to try this when I have the time. A couple pictures you had fiber optics in the explosion and in others they were not. Was there a reason you took them out or was this added later? Thanks

    2 replies

    Reply 19 days ago

    I made a few explosions to swap in and out and see what i liked best. Some with and some without fiber optics. And various sizes. I am torn on having the fibers vs not


    Reply 16 days ago

    I think the only way to resolve your feeling of being torn is to just build one table for each option... two tables are better anyway


    19 days ago

    Brilliant! Love it! Putting this on my list for future projects. Way to recycle things as well.


    21 days ago

    Such work,requires a lot of commitment, congratulations you have succeeded.


    22 days ago

    Dude, that is freakin AWESOME!


    25 days ago

    Cool stuff!
    How many motherboards would it take to build the entire Death Star? ;-)

    1 reply

    23 days ago on Step 8

    YOU, are, The man.


    Reply 23 days ago

    You could do it several ways.
    The cheapest and easiest would be to either make or find small boxes. Looking at the actual film used panels, they are mostly small square or rectangular shapes.
    There are 3d files out there of the actual panels too, so you could print it.


    23 days ago on Introduction

    This is quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen on the internet. Thank you


    25 days ago

    Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. Ahhhhh, what am I saying? This is awesome! Lego Vader approves.

    AMbros Custom

    26 days ago

    wow !!!! what a great concept...


    26 days ago

    I added an extra step for blowing up a ship


    27 days ago

    Great job. I used to know a couple people at a River City Labs in Illinois. Great place.

    2 replies