Decorative Trolley With Lights / Cat Napper

This is a table made up of all recycled materials to fit your needs. And cats will love this as they can sharpen their nails on this (without damage), sit on the table top for warmth when the light is on and play with the dangling ribbons!!!

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Step 1: Armature

To make the camel use an old stool/ box or any structure which will form a stable base. Around that cut out from cardboard a camel structure and stick it with masking tape. To build flesh into the camel we will use paper mache, however you can also fit in old plastic bottle, cans etc which is very light weight. The aim is to make the table very light and easy to carry around...

Step 2: Paper Mache

To make the paper mache, tear up all the thrash newspapers/ documents / flyers all that you intend to thrash and soak it for 30 hours in a tub. After every 12 hours keep changing the water to wash off the print and chemicals it will release. Finally when the paper fibre completely fall apart the pulp is ready. Add a cup of flour, pinch of salt and some zinc oxide to keep pests away. You could also add white glue instead of wheat flour if you believe it will catch pests too soon. Once this is done mix it into a pulp. If the size you are working with is small you could also put it through a mixer for smoother texture. However I wanted my camel to be rather hairy!!

Step 3: Coat and Paint It

Once you have build the armature with cardboard, plastics etc layer it with a thin coating of paper mache. Use your hands to do it and shape while wet. Once covered completely let it sit in the sun for 3-4 days till completely dry. And proceed to paint it as you like once dry.

Step 4: Decorate

Your table is almost done. Now it is time to decorate. I added a round pie of ply on top, coated it with hand made paper, flowers, ribbons, drape etc. I also drilled in an opening to stick a light inside to make it a perfect night shade cum side table. I also added mini wheels to the base such that it can be easily dragged around like a trolley.

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