Delicacies by Bread Machine: Pork Floss (Dried Shredded Pork)





Introduction: Delicacies by Bread Machine: Pork Floss (Dried Shredded Pork)

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Meat floss or Rou Song (肉松) is a fluffy, flossy, flavourful and popular dry condiment in Asia. It is a seasoned, shredded dry pork or chicken with cottony texture. My family members love eating this snack during the Chinese New Year~ It is insanely addictive!

This is the pork floss that I made using bread machine last Sunday.The bread machine version (面包机版猪肉丝) is healthier and safer for us to consume. There's no preservatives, nothing beats homemade stuff!! :D

You can learn how to make your own pork floss by following this step-by-step recipe. If you don't have a bread machine just in case, you can pan to fry. There is my simple conversion "recipe" for those who don't have bread machine or bread maker:

In addition, don't waste your leftover meat from soup. Reserve the meat from soup bones and fry them become crispy pork floss. Easy and yummy~ Here's the recipe ya! Enjoy.

Step 1: Ingredients:

350g Pork Sirloin, boiled and shredded, drained well of liquid.

6-7 slices of Gingers.
1 stalk of Spring Onion or Ginger Leaves.
2-3 Cloves and Star Anise. (Optional)
1 tbsp Cooking Wine.
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce.
400ml Water .


Use the leftover meat from soup directly.

II. Bread machine - Jam Process:
(A): Heavy taste and darker.
2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce.
2 tbsp Fine Sugar.
1 tbsp Fish Sauce.
1 tsp Brown Sugar.
1 tsp Oyster Sauce.
1 tsp Salt.
1/4 tsp Five Spices Powder.
1/4 tsp Ground Pepper.


(B) : Light taste and bright.
5 tbsp Fine Sugar.
2.5 tbsp Fish Sauce.
1.5 tbsp Soy Sauce.

You can adjust seasonings according your personal preference.

Step 2: Braised Meat.

This step can be omitted if you are using the leftover meat from soup.


a. Cut the pork into small pieces. Cook the meat and (Ingredients I) on high heat for 15 mins.
b. Cover the pot and turn to low medium heat, continue to braise for 30mins.

Step 3: Remove Meat.

Transfer the braised meat in a clean bowl to cool down.

Step 4: SHRED MEAT (A) Fine and Fluffy Texture.

i. Transfer the meat to kitchen mixer.
ii. Attach a cake beater hook and run on low speed to shred them into fine shreds.


Place the cooled meat inside a large plastic bag and press it flat by using rolling pin or spatula.

Step 5: SHRED MEAT (B) Bigger Bits and Chewy Texture.

Shredded by hand or use a fork to flake and loosen the meat into the fine shreds.

Step 6: Mix Seasonings.

Mix all seasonings (Ingredients II) together until the sugar had dissolved in a small bowl.

Step 7: Select Your Bread Machine - 'Jam Process'.

a. Start menu bread machine and select the Jam function.

b. Add in the meat and seasonings into the bread machine barrel, well combined.

c. Do it 1 time or 2 times/cycles depends your bread machine.

I am using Tesco Bread Maker, the Jam function (No.9) takes 1 hr 20 min per cycle.

Step 8: Serve.

See this is the finished product! It's best to consume within a week under normal room temperature. Store in an air-tight container.

Step 9: TIPS:

Try to warm it and top on a toast. Spread mayonnaise on the top of the toast or inside a bun and coat generously with the pork floss.



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21 Discussions

Not only is this a cool use for a slow-cooker, but has to be one of the best pork ibles ever.

1 reply

I see in your other Instructable you mention rubbing it and the image labeled Coarse Rubbing looks like the real thing. Why didn't you do that here?

2 replies

haha.. Because my bf prefer chewy texture.. So I skip the step~

How exactly do you 'rub' it to make it nice and fluffy like the chicken version?

i am unfamiliar with the concept of "leftover meat from soup". do you mean the meat from making a stock? i usually use bones for that. i never have leftover meat. but, this looks awesome! is there a cut of meat that works better than others?

never heard of this. looks delicious. do not have a bread machine but will have to try without one. xo s

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Looks good!

My bread machine does not have a "Jam" cycle--can anybody give me an idea of what it does--is it just a stirring process? Warm (as in letting yeast rise)? A baking period? Like a normal bread cycle but just shorter?

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You can pan to fry. Stir fry under medium heat until the meat floss dries by following this step-by-step recipe:

This sounds insanely delicious. Kind of like a sweet oriental jerky -- I'd take it camping. I don't have a bread machine so I wonder how to accomplish this without one! Any ideas? The only thing I can think of is a heavy frying pan on the stove with a potato masher and a bit of time.

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The simple pan-fried conversion "recipe":

Very interesting but, frankly, it doesn't look anything like Rou Song. It looks too coarse and not dehydrated enough. Needs to be more dehydrated and shredded.

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ya.. I feel this batch of Rou Sang is not fine enough too!!

Wow, looks yummy