Design and Assemble a Wheelchair Lever Arm: Top Stacked Gear

Instructions on how to build part of the wheelchair lever arm in solidworks for this project:

Step 1: Sketch a 126mm Diameter Circle on the Front Face

Step 2: Draw a Centerline Vertical to the Top of the Circle, Then Use "Straight Line" and "Spline" to Create a Tooth

Step 3: Use "Circular Pattern" to Create 35 Teeth Around the Circle and Use "Trim" to Trim the Edge

Step 4: Extrude the Gear for 10mm

Step 5: Draw a 107mm Diameter and a 119mm Diameter Circle on the Front Face of the Gear, Extrude the Space Between for 10mm

Step 6: Redraw the 107mm Diameter Circle and Use It to "Extrude Cut" All the Way Through the Gear

Step 7: History Tree



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