Designer Vases From Styrofoam Cups




Introduction: Designer Vases From Styrofoam Cups

After seeing makendo's great instructable, we at InstructablesTV had to try this trick out for ourselves.  This video documents our findings...



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    its reaally nice..i need to confirm if i use the gas cooker how long should i put it on heat and do i need to remove the whistle lid of the cooker cover while heating it,?.. will it stay in this amazing shape permanently so that i can decorate it with colors ?? plz reply so that i can start of with it ..


    Thats super cool!
    How long do you keep it in the water?
    What is that little chain piece iinside the cup for?

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    Really nicely done. I'm amazed that a whole instructable can be illustrated so completely in 46 seconds! Also interested to see that you immersed the cup in boiling water and cut off the rim, both different to the original - did you find it worked better that way?