Disassembly for Beginners

Introduction: Disassembly for Beginners

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This is a simple guide to help beginners disassembly electronics or other devices, it’s also useful when you have to work on spare time, or get interrupted, if you have to attend a costumer or your kids are screaming and have to see what’s going on, and not lose track of the process.

In this sample I work on a camera.

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Step 1: Review the Object

The first step is to review the object and look for screws, get pictures from each side, and be sure not to miss any, in this case, one is under the battery door, and the picture with the door open is using flash, to be seen properly.

Step 2: Work on All Sides

Do the same on all sides.

Step 3: Keep Track of the Parts

Once you get your images. you can print the ones you need in order to identify part positions, I use to fix every screw from the device on the proper position in the image with a small square of double side tape, or a loop of single side tape, this helps when not all are of the same size, or you have many, in order to not lose them or have one or two extra when you finish. You can use wax paper to file your prints in case you use double side tape, if you print on black and white, use a highlight marker to identify more clear the positions.

Step 4: Work on Layers

Do the same on each layer.

Step 5: Save Your Print

You can share your images in a mosaic.

Be aware of the scale, its easier when you have a similar size to the object.

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