Diy Home Made Rocket With Using Old Bulb

Its an Home made simple rocket Build from Scarp.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  1. Match Box with matches
  2. Old Bulb
  3. kerosene lamp

==>> that's all we need

Step 2: Rocket Chase

==>> First Safely pull down the bulb Metal socket

==>> Take the bulb and pull out the glass inside the bulb its look like a small test tube . careful when pull the glass.

Step 3: Fill the Fuel

==>> take the matches and take the match powder.

==>> fill the powder into small test tube (what we get the the last step)

everything is ready :-D

Step 4: Take Off

==>> Ignite the lamp

==>> take a leaf of any Tree (in here mango) for frame .

==>> put the fire at the bottom

Yeah...! its flying

Do not point at Humans and Animals.



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