Dog Pillow With Old Sweater and Pillow and Swim Noodle

Introduction: Dog Pillow With Old Sweater and Pillow and Swim Noodle

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  • I made JD a dog pillow by stuffing an old Sweather. I cut off the 2 arms,
  • Nothing goes to waste . he will get 2 more Sweather and 4 woolen boots from it

Only Trouble he weights only a I came up with8 lbs and rolls off his pillow at night

watch what Idea I came up with

Step 1:

I found a blue noodle in my shed today, as I was looking for something else .

I took the noodle placed it in a circle atop the dog bed.

Oops too big

I cut off about 10 inches

and duct taped the ends together along the body,

then across the body of the tube.

I had not sewn the bottom of the Sweather shut yet, as it was still

in trial,

Step 2: W

Thank you for looking at my 12 th instructable. I am having a lot of fun

Step 3: Why Is JD Tired?

He must like it, he is taking a nap in it

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5 years ago

Oh nice! I need a couple of these!


Reply 5 years ago

I found 1 noodle due to the season.
My little poodle hybrid is only 8 pounds so this is his side rail
He loves it. My Advice