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Introduction: Drill Press Dust Collection

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Welcome to my first instructable!

This will show you how to make a holder for a a drill press to hold a dust extractor. I have included some 1 to one templates to cut out and use but you will need to mark your own hole for the column of your drill press as these seem to vary in size a bit. Also make sure that your dust extraction / vacuum hose fits in the hole I have marked as although this seems standard for the hoses I have it could vary slightly for you.

You will need:

Attached templates


45mm drill bit

6mm drill bit

2x 50mm screw

Jigsaw or coping saw

Belt / disk sander

100mm nail

small bolt

Step 1: Glue on Templates and Dill Out Hose Hole

Print out the templates I have made and stick them on some wood. i used some scrap plywood but use what you have available. After sticking on the templates drill out the hole marked with a 45mm hole saw or forstner bit.

Step 2: Cut Out and Sand

Using a jigsaw or coping saw cut out both templates then sand them to the line using a sander or with a bit more work by hand

Step 3: Measure Your Drill Press Column and Cut Hole

Measure the size of your drill press column and mark this on the 2nd piece of wood using the center line to help you drill this out then mark half way though this hole and drill two pilot holes to this line. Once the piece is cut in half you can continue these holes using a slightly smaller bit into what would be the bottom half.

Step 4: Cut Piece in Half and Sand to Fit

Cut the piece that goes around you drill in half so that it can be fitted around the column. You may have to sand some material away from the end to make it fit around the drill properly. screw both half's together around the column to check they clamp together nicely.

Step 5: Mark Hole Locations and Epoxy in Nail

To make it so these pieces are adjustable use a 100mm nail with the head chopped off. Drill a hole into the piece that holds the hose and epoxy the point end of nail into it.

Step 6: Make Locking System

In the piece that mounts to the drill press drill a hole like you did in the other piece but also drill a hole through the top to have a small bolt threaded in to make it possible to adjust the hose and clamp it in different positions.

Step 7: Install on Drill Press

Clamp the pieces together and onto the column of the drill. Install the hose and you're ready to go. Although this isn't 100% effective it helps greatly to cut down on the amount of dust and shavings that end up on the floor especially when using forstner bits.

Step 8: Update / New Clamp Design

After using this for a bit the threads in the wood stripped out so I cut a slot through the side and added a new bolt with nut that goes all the way through clamping the nail in the wood more tightly.

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    2 years ago

    Definitely making one of these. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the comment. Be sure to show me your finished one!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Good idea. I need one of these for every one of my shop tools.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. With a bit of modification I'm sure this would be great on any tool.