Drink Me Necklace

Introduction: Drink Me Necklace

Keep your magic potion always at hand and you’re never far from the Land of Wonder! Finished length 32” with clasp in front.

- 1 glass bottle with cork
- 1 Swarovski rhinestone ball
- Brass alphabet letters spelling ‘drink me’
- 10 gunmetal oval jump rings, 3x4 mm
- 1 red Czech glass bead, 6-8 mm
- 36” gold colored plated craft wire, 24 gauge
- 12” gold colored plated craft wire, 24 gauge
- 1 antique brass spring ring clasp, 12 mm
- 32” gunmetal filed tube chain
- 1 gunmetal jump ring, 9 mm
- ½ teaspoon glitter
- Diamond Glaze

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Cutters

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Step 1: Wrap Beads

With your round nose pliers create two wrapped links using the red glass bead and the Swarovski rhinestone ball. Set aside.

Step 2: Fill Bottle With Glitter

Remove the cork from the bottle. Fill the bottle with your glitter mixture. If you wish to secure the cork, place a very small amount of Diamond Glaze on the rim of the bottle and press the cork in securely. This seal is permanent.

Using the 36” length of wire wrap the top of the bottle with a messy wire wrap, incorporating the split ring. Try to overlap and layer the wire. Tuck the ends of the wire under the wrap and make sure there are no sharp edges.

Step 3: Add Letters to Chain

With your chain nose pliers open a jump ring and feed it through one end of the chain and through the split ring. Close securely. At the next space between links use a jump ring to attach the letter ‘e’ with a jump ring. Repeat down the chain until you have spelled out ‘drink me’ with a space between the ‘k’ and the ‘m’.

Step 4: Add Beads and Finish Necklace

At the end of the chain use a jump ring to attach the wire link on the red glass bead, then repeat with the rhinestone ball. With your chain nose pliers, open the loop on the spring ring clasp and feed it through the wire loop on the rhinestone ball. Close the loop securely. Close the necklace by attaching the clasp to the split ring on the bottle.

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