Dual Cool Fan

Introduction: Dual Cool Fan

Hi friends i am sandhya and my partner poornima we are from white field nook

Today we are showing dual cool fan



  • Motor
  • AA battery
  • Toy fan
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Cardboard sheet
  • 4 Weir
  • swich

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Step 1: AA Battery and Icesticks


  • Take a cardboard sheet and AA battery
  • Stick AA battery upon the sheets.
  • Take a ice cream sticks and make a box shape
  • And take that box and stick upon the cardboard sheet

Step 2: Dual Cool Fan


  • Take a swich and stick upon the cardboard sheet
  • Take a motor and stick upon the ice cream stick box
  • Take a 2 wiers and fit on motor and attach as shows in photo
  • your dual cool fan is ready

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