Duct Tape Feather & Bow Necklaces!





Introduction: Duct Tape Feather & Bow Necklaces!

These are a few examples of ways to make necklaces with duct tape!

All you need is:

-Duct Tape
-Scissors / Stanley knife

1. To make a bow you simply take a strip 2x as long as you want the bow to be and fold it back on itself, placing the sticky sides together. Press them together and then do the same with a separate piece but folding the tape long-ways, so all the sticky side is in.
2. Then simply wrap the thin strip around the middle of the first piece, whilst shaping the bow. Cut a little strip of duct tape to secure the middle and stick.
3. Using your pliers, take a necklace and remove the chain link which would normally sit in the middle at the front of your neck, and pry open each one either side of the link you removed. Simply pierce the bow in the top corners with the link and lastly, using the pliers, close the link!

Et voila!

You can cut / shape the duct tape into whatever your imagination tells you to! Also, make your creations into earrings - you can pick up earring findings at any haberdashery store!



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