EXTREMELY Simple "Air Conditioning"




Introduction: EXTREMELY Simple "Air Conditioning"

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           Today i was starting to make fan blades and accidentally found out how to make this amazing... fan... air conditioning... thing!!! It actually works very well; better than i thought it would. It literally took 1 minute to make, and thats only because I didn't think I was going to make this, so I was being very careful when drawing the lines. ( I don't know if the way I word my sentences is correct. I apologize if they aren't; I'm just very exited to post this instructable!!!) 

Well, i don't want to keep you guys reading forever, so I will go on with the show.

Step 1: Step One: What You Will Need

1. A two liter soda bottle
2. Scissors
3. A marker ( if you want)
4. Ice

Step 2: Step 2

      Try to cut exactly where the bottle starts to get straight. (see the picture if you don't understand, it's hard to explain it in words.) Cut all the way around the bottle.

Step 3: Finished!!!!

This is how it should look by now.( See picture) The top part that you cut off should be able to slide up and down the rest of the bottle, but should also fit snug. The way you use it is to slide the top that you cut off, up and down the other half of the bottle. Make sure that the screw cap is not on the bottle. If you want you can add ice and it will make the air that gets pumped out, a lot cooler. Another thing that you can do, I didn't do it, but you can put a piece of 1/2 inch PVC pipe in the bottle neck and it will be easier to pump.

Step 4: Ice

Put about this much ice in the bottom.

Step 5: How to Use It

To use it, all you have to do is pump the top up and down.
It is very easy to use, but if you don't understand flip through the attached pictures.



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    Did not cool anything at all, not even the hand i was pumping with. Cool idea and easy design but i haveto say that it is totally useless....


    cool.. go ahead and create more instructables !! cheers

    This is a great, but simple idea. I love it.

    Great instructable

    so the cool air comes from pumping up and down? if you stop pumping (I mean, what if you're going to bed) there'll be no cool air any more?

    977 btus/lb of ice.
    Average a/c 24,000 btus/hr.
    heat generated by pumping action means this device will probably make you hotter.

    1 reply

    i don't know about that. if it does, its unnoticeable. the immediate effect of the cooled air actually feels pretty cool. now, i may be wrong though.

    Great Idea! I am going to try it tonight before I go to bed. ; ; I have a fan going at night.

    NICE! Great idea!

    that would be great for camping in the summer, because if you were really hot, u can go in the tent and use it. cool idea!

    1 reply

    yeah, it should. like if you put a small desk fan, or found out how to wire a computer fan over it. thats a really good idea!