Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Introduction: Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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One of my step-dad's favorite diet cheats is chocolate covered pretzels.  I thought it would make a good birthday present for him.  After making them, and seeing how EASY it is, I have decided I will also make some for the baby shower I am throwing for my sister.  I can add sprinkles to match everything.  

  • Melt and Pour Chocolate Chips
  • Pretzels
  • Sprinkles
  • Crock Pot
  • Wax Paper

Step 1: Melt Chocolate

Pour the chocolate into the crockpot, and turn on high.  Stir every 5 minutes or so until the chocolate is all melted and smooth (no lumps).  To stir I used a kabob skewer.  I used a bag of green chips, and a bag of brown chips.  When mixed together they made a good camo green color.  

While the chocolate is melting you can be getting the other stuff ready.

Step 2: Cover Plate

Cover the plate you are going to use in wax paper.  The wax paper makes it so the melted chocolate doesn't stick to the plate.

I also like to get the pretzels out of the bag ahead of time.  That way if I end up with a bit of chocolate on my hands I don't get it all over the bag when I try to get the next one out.

I also used some green sugar sprinkles.  You don't have to use sprinkles, but I wanted to make mine special.  Now is a good time to open the sprinkles, just be careful not to knock them over by accident.

Step 3: Coat the Pretzels

Put a few pretzels in the crock pot.  Twirl them around to get them coated.

Step 4: Take Out and Cover... in Sprinkles

Use the skewer, or a fork to get the pretzels out of the chocolate.  Let the chocolate drip off some, otherwise you have something a kin to giant pretzel m&ms.

You need to sprinkle them pretty soon after you get them out of the chocolate, that way the sprinkles will stick.

Step 5: Refrigerate

When the plate is full, put it in the fridge to speed up the hardening process.  While they are cooling off, you can make another batch.  

Then I decided to experiment.  We have a store here in town that sells chocolate covered Pringles.  I bought them once, they tasted AMAZING, but cost too much.  So I made some myself.  They were easy, and tasty.  I love the salty and the sweet together, just like chocolate covered pretzels.  

PS they used to sell them online, but no such luck now, But there is also another local shop here that sells the most AMAZING orange truffles that you can buy online

Step 6: ENJOY

You can bag them,put them in a bowl, make them all pretty.  They are extra chocolaty and GOOD!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'll bet they taste delicious, but personally I would have spent a little more time applying the chocolate, maybe if the chocolate mix was thinner, more fluid-like perhaps you'd get better coverage on each pretzel when dipped. Not that I'm trying to downplay your results at all, I'm just a stickler for details. Great Job, Hope Your step-dad liked them!