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Are you ready to play with crayons....as an ADULT!? The inner kid in all of us will love this easy project. I recommend a pre-made canvas and name brand Crayons. The cheap one are oily and look gross when they melt. Crayons keep color and brightness in their pigment when melted. I have three video examples for those of you who enjoy a visual approach to learning. Shall we....

Step 1: Layout the Pattern

Prep the pattern that you will be using. Designing and glueing at the same time can be...challenging. I chose to make a rainbow...because they are awesome!!

Step 2: Prepare the Canvas..with HOT GLUE!

I used a hot glue gun and adhered the crayons directly to the canvas. Try to use a low heat hot glue gun. It took me about 5 crayons to realize that I needed to turn the heat to low on my glue gun.

Step 3: Set the Canvas Upright and Bring the Heat

Put the canvas at an angle. Experiment with what works best for the material you are using. I used a heat gun that I purchased for heat shrinking. If you don't have one, a dryer, portable heater, and the sun also make fantastic substitutes.

Step 4: Bring the Heat

Using my heat gun I tried my best to evenly distribute the heat. Be mindful of your distance between the heat and the crayons as they smoke easily. Melt until you feel accomplished and happy with your design.

Step 5: Mount the Meltie

I think these look really neat upside down. It looks like an explosion!!

I hope that you enjoyed this quick and fun example of crayola melties. I love feedback, let me know what you liked or didn't like in the comments.

I have a special dedication to my brother...Happy LGBT Pride!!

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3 years ago

could you stick a stencil to the canvas first, melt the crayons and then peel off the stencil for some cool effects?

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