Easy Drill Stand for Rotary Tool




Introduction: Easy Drill Stand for Rotary Tool

I needed a drill stand for Rotary Tool. I didn't  find any usable for my Rotary Tool so I decide to make my own.

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Step 1:

All you need is:
- piece of plywood,
- 2 short Drawer Slide
- 1 Pipe Holder
- piece of gum
- some screws
- glue for wood

- Drill Vise

Step 2: Cut the Plywood

Cut the plywood in 4 pieces.
1 piece for a base (16,5x22,0)
2 pieces for a tower (16,5x3,5)
1 piece for drill holder (16,5x4)

Step 3: Make the Tower

Glue together the 2 pieces (16,5x3,5)  to build tower.
Drill 4 holes on one side to fasten Drawer Slides.
2 holes on top to snap the gum.
And 2 holes in bottom to fasten the tower to the base.

Than fix the tower to the base with 2 screws. Glue will make it even stronger.

Step 4: Fasten the Drawer Slides

Take the Drawer Slides and run the gum in it.
Fasten both Drawer Slides on front of the tower.
And then snap the gum on top of the tower.

The gum will help the drill to come back up.

Step 5: Fixing for the Drill Vise

Drill 2 holes to the base for fixing the Drill Vise on the base.

Step 6: Make Holder for the Drill

From the piece of plywood (16,5x4) cut 4 equal pieces.
Mark a curve for better fitting the Pipe Holder.
Than glue all pieces together to form a base for holder.
Cut the curve and fasten the Pipe Holder to it. Depend on Pipe holder, but mine has a M8 matrices, so I fixed it with one contra Screw.

Than fasten the whole holder to the Drawer Slides.

Step 7: Finalizing

I cut the base just at the end as it was more stable to work this way.

Fix the Drill Vise and put the Rotary Tool to the Holder.

You can paint it if you want.

And that's it :-)

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7 Discussions


6 years ago on Introduction

This is cool. How do you keep the position of the drawer sliders from sliding down?


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Hi, thanks :) There are this 2 pieces of gum in Step4. It has enough resistance to keep the drill up.


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Gum = elastic band? In the US "gum" usually refers to chewing gum.


Reply 8 months ago

Thanks for the clarification. It made no sense what the hack was "gum". Now I know it should be elastic rubber band.


7 years ago

Is that one of the newer Dremels? Because Dremel has a drill press/ workstation combo for about $50


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Hi, no it is some no Name Drill from my father.


Reply 4 years ago

Getting to this party way late, but that's a Radio Shack roto tool. I know because I have one.