Easy Edible Smart Phone Stylus




Introduction: Easy Edible Smart Phone Stylus

This is not a very long Instructable.

I love my Smartphone & I would be lost without taking notes.  However, I hate trying to type notes onto little tiny buttons before my idea gets lost in the void.  

My Solution...  
A Carrot ...or as they call them in my parts. a "Yard Pen"

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Step 1: Step 1... Write

You don't need to do anything to your carrot.  If you are hungry, you can try to nibble a point onto the end.  
However, I have found that the sharper it is the less it works.  I am thinking about sharpening a cucumber though.  It is naturally wetter.

Step 2: Step 2... Enjoy Your Lunch

Once your notes are written, you can show them off to the other people in the office.  They will feel pretty foolish for buying pizza for lunch.

I have only experimented with a carrot, so I don't know what other produce will work.
If anyone knows how to write a government grant, perhaps we could work together.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty hilarious instructable; I like your writing style, and I'm glad to know I can use a carrot on my smartphone!