Easy Wool Bracelet

Introduction: Easy Wool Bracelet

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In this instructable I will show you how to make an easy wool bracelet.
For this instructable you will need:
. 2 different coloured prices of wool
. Scissors

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Step 1: Measuring the Pieces of Wool

First take the first piece of wool (my first price of wool is coloured blue), and cut it till it's approx. 1m long, then fold it in half and tie both ends of the folded piece of wool. Next take the second piece of wool(my piece is coloured green) and cut it till it's approx. 60cm long, then fold it in half and tie both ends of it.

Step 2: Making the Main Bit of the Bracelet

First lay out the pieces of wool into a cross shape 1st piece of wool placed horizontally, 2nd piece of wool placed vertically. Then fold each side of the cross to the opposite side,and then tie a not in the middle(double or single knot's fine). Then make the cross into a line approx. 30cm long, then tie each side into a knot.

Step 3: Done!!!!

Then tie both sides of the 30cm long piece of wool together and you're DONE!!!!( by the way you may need to make it smaller by twisting it once and then putting it over your wrist again depending on the size of your wrist!)

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