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Introduction: Easy Brownies

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Brownies are super tasty and are easy to make, thus it is a great dessert to make if you invite guests or just hungry for chocolate.

In this guide I will show you how to make easy-to-make brownies.

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Step 1: Materials

We will need:

1 pack of dark chocolate.

1/2 pack oh milk chocolate.

200gr butter.

4 eggs.

Vanilla extract.


A cup of sugar.

A cup of flour.

Chocolate chips will be optional.

Step 2: Melting

Brake the chocolate into small pieces.

Unwrap the butter and cut it to small pieces too. (Don't throw the wraps).

Insert into a pot and put on the smallest fire.

Stir using a wooden spoon and don't let the butter boil.

Meanwhile, use the wraps of the butter to oil the template.

Step 3: The Mixture Pt.1

When the chocolate and the butter are fully melted, remove it from the fire and put on your working surface.

Insert a cup of sugar and mix until it is dissolved completely.

Brake 4 eggs into a bowl and mix them together, then add them to the mixture and mix well.

Step 4: The Mixture Pt.2

Now, add 2 teaspoons of vanilla. Pour 1 cup of flour into a sifter and sift it into the mixture, repeat with a pinch of salt.

Mix again. If you're up to adding chocolate chips that's the time to do so, insert a handful.

Mix everything well and when you're ready pour the mixture into the template we oiled before.

Step 5: Baking

Bake in a hot oven of 170c for about 20 mins. The sign for when it's ready is when a wooden toothpick you stick near the middle of the cake goes out almost completely clean.

Let your cake cool down and enjoy :)

Serving at the fridge temperature is recommended.

Step 6: Finished

That's it for this guide.

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    MMM sounds really great, I'll have to try this recipe one time. I never made brownies with chocolate only with cacao uh cocoa powder. I'll vote for you, good luck with the contest


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    You should, my friends and family loved so it barely lasted two days. Tnx it means a lot :}