Edible Slime DIYs: Galaxy Slime, Slime Stress Ball, and Emoji Slime Container




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Learn how to make DIY edible slime from Coke, Sprite, and Capri-Sun in this borax-free edible slime test! As a bonus, I show you how to make a liquid galaxy slime squishy stress ball and an emoji slime container! And yes, all of these slimes are 100% edible!

Click here or watch below: https://youtu.be/jT9LBDzG-Vo

Here's all of the edible slime I test and show you how to make in this video:

DIY Edible Soda Slime:

1. DIY Edible Galaxy Slime / DIY Slime made from Sprite

2. DIY Color-Changing Galaxy Liquid Slime Squishy Stress Ball / Liquid balloon stress ball

3. DIY Edible Coke Slime

DIY Edible Juice Slime:

1. DIY Edible Emoji Slime / DIY Slime made from Capri Sun

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3 years ago

i really want to do this. Cant wait to try it

Penolopy Bulnick

3 years ago

That is crazy! I didn't know metamusal did that!