Effective Tips on Spying

Introduction: Effective Tips on Spying

hi spies!here are some of the effective tips to spy directly to your family without them knowing your spying so lets get started with the tips

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Step 1: Mirror Reflection

a mirror is so effective in spying so use it to see if someone is there on your way so you can see by the reflection of the mirror.

Step 2: Hidding Spots

make sure to know if someone is coming your way and if there is make sure to hide in place make sure your hiding place is undercover so that no one can see you there

Step 3: Effective Tools

make sure that you have tools that are so effective you can even just use some old used home tools so make your imaginations come to life just like these tools:
mirror-for seeing someone
string-for making traps
flashlight-for dark rooms
and etc.

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