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Introduction: Egg Heart Bread Toast

This is my first Valentine Day with my most loved person in this world, and I am already prepared with a Great Homework to wish him with a very simple yet perfect Valentines Day "GOOD MORNING BREAKFAST GIFT"
This is actually an egg sandwich, that I am going to prepare with little wits.

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Step 1:

All you need for this preparation are -

1 slice of Bread (I used Brown Bread)
1 Egg.
1 tablespoon of butter.
Salt and Pepper dust (according to taste).
And... Loads of LOVE of course

Step 2:

First make a heart shaped hole at the center of the bread...(as I was busy taking the snap, I couldn't make the shape properly ..)

Tip For the Perfect Shape - Fold the bread in vertical half, and then cut with the help of scissor (and not knife) to get the best shape, however you can also buy a cookie cutter and cut it in HEART SHAPE..

Step 3:

After you get the shape perfect, put butter in a non stick pan and fry one side very lightly.

The color will be golden brown.

Step 4:

Break an egg and place it in the hole.

Make sure that the yolk settle just at the middle of the white.

Step 5:

Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste

Tip - You can also add other decorative and taste makers like cheese, mayonnaise, chilly flakes, very finely sliced veggies...

Step 6:

Using a long wooden spoon, make a upside down, so that the opposite side get cook too.

Tip - If you love this format, you can also put a heavy lid and turn off the flame. Doing this will also cook this side, and retain the white - yellow combo look.

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