Elimante Pant Rise

Greetings Internet traveler. In this instructable I will be guiding you in the process of constructing straps that you can fasten onto your favorite pants that will eliminate the dreaded rising of the pants.

Step 1:

This instructable will show you the easiest method to keep your trousers from rising during crouching and/or sitting. The simplest method consists merely of a strap that goes under the arch of the foot, to more elaborate patterns that conform to the heel of the foot. The fabric that will be used is entirely up to you, and I will update this instructable for future reference with feedback from which material works out the best. But for the time being I will be using fabric that I have on hand, which so happens to be t-shirts, and given the physical nature of the t-shirt I think it will be just fine for what we will be doing with it.

The photo shows some items needed.

Step 2:

For the most simplest method we will be using a 3 to 4 centimeter strip of cloth, sewn into the inside of the pant leg. Care must be taken to sew the upper most part of the strip securely to the height of about 1/3 up the leg if you wear boots, otherwise you'd have to tuck your pants in your boots which looks silly. 

Step 3:

I left about 2 inches, which in retrospect only needs to be about an inch if your using t-shirt material. An easy way to measure 2 inches is by using the creases in your finger.

Step 4:

I don't have a sewing machine on hand, otherwise I'd be using that, so I will be using needle and thread.

Step 5:

Having a pair of pliers is very helpful to pierce through denim and the sewing process if fairly straightforward. Cut a length of thread to your liking, then loop it though the eye of the needle and sew away. Though you want to make sure to keep it close to the area where the pant fabric is joined together so it wont be as noticeable. You also don't want to go overboard, a few good stitches will do just fine. 

Step 6:

The final product.

Notice how its aligned with the main pant axis.

Step 7:

Test without shoe.

Comfortable and doesn't interfere with with leg movement.

Step 8:

Test with shoe.

Comfortable, discrete and completely eliminates exposed ankles. 

I have also attached stencils of more complex designs if you would like to use those instead of the basic method.



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