External Bluetooth Antenna for Increased Range!

Introduction: External Bluetooth Antenna for Increased Range!

I wanted to listen in on some bluetooth at my local Starbucks! but the antenna range on most bluetooth dongles is so short. so i had to increase the range! Here is my epic journey to do so.
This idea of awesome proportions is from thisthis site.

Step 1: Getting the Adapter.

Music, for this hack i listened to an iTunes Genius playlist based on Evil by Interpol. Including CSS, The Bravery, Modest Mouse, Yo La Tengo, Menomena, MGMT, Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab.
it was beautiful.

In order to do this, I of course needed a bluetooth dongle! (I love saying dongle. dongle dongle dongle!) After shopping, I pulled out the trusty credit card (lifesaver of the unemployed) and purchased this mighty little dongle.


it even has an external antenna! great for hacking into a better one.

upon receiving my package in the mail, and pulling out the usual junk (except the nifty USB extension cable! SWEET! a female USB plug for my next project!) I came to the mighty dongle of justice. the first thing i noticed was the case was already coming apart... so i finished the job and oh my! discovered that it has no external antenna. just a faux one.

so after some googling. found thisthis fancy instructable, on adding an external antenna.

Step 2: Getting the Antenna

For my antenna, i decided to use what I had. which was an old WRT54G wifi router. with some slick dremeling, and soldering i had my antenna!

Step 3: Attach the Two

now find the antenna on your dongle (haha!) and solder the two wires of the pigtail onto the two antenna pads!

Step 4: Casing It Up! Making It Pretty.

now just attach everything back together! dremel, hotglue, twist and bend till it all fits nicely!



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    I would like to know what bluetooth software you are using. The only one I have found is Blue Soleil and it sucks! There has to be a more simpler and straightforward bluetooth software out there. Thanks!

    7 replies

     Personally, I think the bluetooth software inside windows vista and windows 7 works great. You just need to know how to handle it (tell windows you're disconnecting a bluetooth device on vista or it'll have trouble connecting the next time). Pretty straightforward to connect stuff. 

    Hey! One good one is WIDCOMM! You can  it on the samsung website in the download part for the N310!

    i have the same bluetooth device but no drivers where can i get the drivers for that non branded device

    cool stuff!!! what about its range now?? how about the antenna,where it come from?

    acdal: panu ba yan gagamitin. its easy.. simply plug that into your pc and use it to connect to other bluetooth devices (eg. cellphone). i will (theoretically) have longer range because of the antenna...

    hello i want to build tv bluetooth antenna for my final year project..can you help me n guide me how to build this tv bluetooth antenna??please..

    1 reply

    I know what yiu mean. My 7 inch TV needs some help. The cord one the antenna that come with them are always in the way or too short. I purchased a separate one that gets a stronger signal but the best place to put it is on top of my head. Then I have to be verrry still (<_>)

    That's why the stock photo shows 360 degree movable!!! Since it doesn't have any connection, you can couple with a motor and rotate it as many turns as you want....

    The one you've shown in the picture doesn't have any function of antenna, I had many of these. The antenna like thing is only for show. It doesn't have any connection....Inside the dongle it is the same circuit with PCB antenna.

    panu b yan gagamitin

    What does the 360 in the image mean? The antenna is only rotated at a 90 Degree angle XD