Extra Chewing Gum Container IPod Docking Station

Introduction: Extra Chewing Gum Container IPod Docking Station

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You all know the infuriating times when you have to find an iPod/iPhone lead, plug it into the PC and just sync a couple of songs on it!
Well, my iPod/iPhone Dock out of a Wrigleys Extra Chewing Gum Container will sort that!
Wrigleys Extra Chewing Gum Container
Pen Knife/Cutting tool
A slim iPod/iPhone USB Cable
Sellotape/Hot Glue
and an iPod/iPhone to use as a line up

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Step 1: Cut the Plastic Lid!

Get your iPod Connector and measure it on the plastic lid! (I had already done the iPod dock ages ago, so i didn't take any photos of the making) Once you have the iPod Connector measured, cut the outline out with the cutting tool, i chose a pen knife, because it was easy to do! Once you have done that, make sure the connector can fit nice and snug.

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Step 2: Glue the Connector to the Lid

Open the lid, and on the bottom of it, put the connector into the hole, plug the iPod into the connector while the connector is in the hole, and push the iPod Down. When the iPod is pushed all the way down, go inside and glue the bottom of the connector to the lid. (WARNING: DO NOT GLUE THE TOP OF THE CONNECTOR, OR THE IPOD INTO THE DOCK, OTHERWISE YOUR IPOD WONT CHARGE OR SYNC!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Carefully remove the iPod, or keep it in, then leave it to dry. Once it has dried, remove the iPod, if not done so, and keep the lid open. You want to put the USB that goes into the Computer, through the door at the back of the container, so that it can go through a hole. You would want to do that so you can glue the lid to the main thing.

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Step 3: Finishing Off and Decorate It!!!

Now, Glue the lid to the base by putting some thin glue gently around the bottom of the lid, then put the lid down onto the main body! There you have it, a simple iPod/iPhone Dock for less than £3. You can now decorate it to what EVER you like!!! I kept mine plain, because i didn't want to ruin the container!!!

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    good idea! based on the title, I was thinking that you'd constructed an ipod stand out of used chewing gum, but this is much more sanitary!