FLASH Based Stand Alone Harddisk MP3 Visualization Player (selfmade)

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Have Spend the weekend to create this..

Its A FLASh (*.swf) based MP3 player its Stand-alone and need no internetconnection..

its starting with a losi quality track.. (souced wan't low file size for the flash.. 132kb the hole file.. (90%sound)

the input is complet keyborad based.. (but keyboard works only if flash is active windows just lcik in it if not)

press letter M for open the file Browser windows from your system.. to chose a MP3 from your harddisjk..

(its playing and display it display error in box is not sucsess.. ) press M again to open the next mp3 (its loadet in a nother array pasition in flash and shonw in the playliste.. you can switch betwen tracks in playlist with letter N and B)

(have a little problem with assosiation between id3tag and soundarray.. don't know.. have tryed a lot..)

adjust the volume with S and D (keys are also displayed as text in flash)

press Numbers 1,2,3,4,5 ord 6 do change the basic optical effect (basic animation source is a soundchannel realtmime bytearray) cou can press the letter C to open the config menu.. in this you navigate with arrow keys (up and down) and change value with left and right ) HSL + PSY change a modulator for the 256 readet points from soundbytearray.. so there are less bars, but one bar displays more values.. (so the colors are mixed from rgb to HSL (white is also possible) .. with RGB speed you chande the a rainbowspeed adder.. (not used in all effects) numbers is only for the raininb meow letters.. (maybe ad a fild vor entering your own letters, but than can not use this letters for controll the flash..) bar width change the with .. importent is you set the scroll speed in pressent on key one higher to have no black horizontal lines) auto setz a random trigger to hsl.. smooth reduce flagering.. but the bars are not high than.. ) for the startscreen change width and height or scroll.. the flash looks bad if not opened in original resulution for this effect..) ground changes the bachground from effect on key 1 barstyle is only importend for effect on key 1 and 3 (have scripted some styles for the bar visualizer) most conifg settings works in efery effect.. it changes in realtime, so just try..

in library is only the (OCR extend) monofont linket do actionscript with name monospace and the musik mp3 file linket to script with loops16 .. stage settings 1320x786 pixels, background black, 40fps (higher evern, lower better not) you can put in any mp3 and linke it with loops16 .. and a other monofont, paste the content from http://marderchen.lima-city.de/swf_self/VISUplayer... in the actionwindows.. (chose AS3 as project, and use flash player 17 or higher support.. caused no mp3 decoding in lower versions) .. the rest is generated by my script (everything on stage)

Just try to understanding by changing something and see the result.. if there are any questions just ask.. s

Lots of time to create mathematic functions to display and do that i want.. (but my style is psychedelic and noctalgic, coused not much use from the geom matrix, just ones for have not such big arrays..)also can juse draw functions on STM32 programming, there is no sound array, but a microphone value.. and drawing goes fast..

Some pictures.. think this explane better some settings than text does.. (the colors still moving, but you can see this on pictures..)

Step 1: Some Interesting Settings..

Its working well, .. it runs in every internetbrowser.. (chrome alwayse coused own flashplayer) without installing software in windows.. it works also on android,(table smartphone) and mac.. i will it have stand alone, so no big arrays with grabber mp3 file links from internet to have abig ready playlist inside..if a flash asking for internetconnection.. its kind of bad.. the playlist and settings gets lost after closing the flash.. (its bossible to export as txt file or open a m3u etc.. butFLASH (if not running in AIR) have no acess to harddisk so it cant load files itself.. so playlist import don't make sense..) also the sounds are storred in ram.. (its nice, the flash have the a file copy durring open.. so it don't mader if the harddisk file removed after loeding.. its still aviable) ..

Iworking for fun and cuteness, not for money! so its FREE do with it what you want..

just ask if there are any questions..

Cats are awesome =^.^=

Step 2: Upgrades Never End..

Have addet better sound for startsound .. after some problems the numbers switching now on and of the effects.. press the numbar again draws the effect from number to geom.. for scrolling.. with hsl mode 1 its only possible to have 2 running effects.. (with >2 valu you can have all in same time on stage.. but thats chaotic..) have addet a new default setting.. have optimized the beat detection.. have fun

Step 3: Working on 3D Effects..

current version (from youtube video)

have find a methode to draw a rectagles line between 2points with moving rainbow effect without geom..



x,y,z ratation is easy, but draw 3D rotating cube with lines is also possible with math.. but if use the rectagle rainbow line to draw a 3D cube , or something other, the cpu usage is to high.. have fun =^.^=



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