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I love building small wind turbines for educational and experimental purposes. Some of them work and some just don't.

I learn from both those work and from those don't work.

So I actually make use of all of them.

In this instructable I'll show you a small wind turbine that I've recently made but didn't produce enough voltage to light an LED even though the wind speed was fairly enough to make other turbine work better.

Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon

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Step 1: Components

Motor Small motor from an old CD-ROM drive Amazon US , Banggood , Amazon UK , Aliexpress

LED ( I used white and then I used red )

Quadcopter blades 8045L 8 x 4.5L Amazon US , Banggood , Amazon UK , Aliexpress

Metal Pipe

PET bottle


Step 2: Connect Parts Together

Cut the PET bottle to make a small piece from the top of the bottle. This piece will be used to fix the motor on the metal pipe.

Insert the motor inside the bottle top as shown in the image.

Connect the LED to the motor terminals.

Using the thread, fix the piece of PET bottle to the metal pipe.

Put the metal pipe in a clear open area where there is a high air flow rate.

Step 3: Testing and Failure

Testing the Mini Wind Turbine in the wind. I thought the turbine speed was enough to light the LED. I was wrong.

Although I've tested the motor to light the LED by turning it with hand, it really worked. But when I connected it to the blades, its speed was dramatically reduced.

The blades were heavy for the motor and they rotated at relatively low speed which caused the motor to output very small voltage.

This small voltage wasn't enough to light a white LED or a red LED.

I've learned from this one that not all rotors are compatible to all motors.

And that not all blades can be used as blades for wind turbines.

Those quadcopter blades were heavy and slowly driven the motor to low rotational speed.

But I am on my quest for making better and easier wind turbines for all people who are willing to make.

Thank you for reading my instructable..

Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon

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That's all. Thank you for reading.

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