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Introduction: Felt Flower Pincushion

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Mothers and grandmothers are often known by their craftyness - they are always up to some projects for their little (or already grown up) children. My mom started to knit socks again because of her granddaughter arriving.. and I started to make more crafts for my little ones as well. If you too recognize your mom, friend or granny when reading this, a felt flower pincushion is a nice Mother day gift - something you can give her back and show that you support her loving crafts.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Materials needed:

  • A4 sized felt sheets (green for leaves and other color for petals)
  • washable fabric marker
  • scissors
  • sewing machine and a needle and thread for handstitching (if you are patient you can do it without sewing machine as well!)
  • a little woolfelt
  • soap OR felting needle
  • stuffing for petals - small fabric scraps, polyfill etc.
  • printer and paper OR only paper and a pencil for drawing by hand.

Step 2: Print or Draw the Details

Download the picture, print it (or draw it by hand) and cut out the two details - leaves (the base) and a petal.

Step 3: Trace the Details on Felt

Trace the outlines of the template on the felt with a washable fabric marker. You will need 12 petals and 1 or 2 bases for leaves - depending on how thick you want the base to be.

Step 4: Cut Out the Details

Cut out the details - make sure you have 12 petals.

Step 5: Start Sewing!

Sew along the edges of the green leaves. You can cut of the excess felt if you like.

Step 6: Finish the Base

Using the template as an example, draw lines on the leaves with a fabric marker. Sew over these lines. The base is ready!

Step 7: Sew the Petals Together

Sew the petals together (join every 2 pieces) leaving small opening at the pointy side for stuffing.

Step 8: Stuff the Petals

Stuff the petals. You can use a pencil to push the stuffing inside.

Step 9: Sew on the Petals

Sew the petals onto the base and close the openings so the stuffing doesn't come out. Sew on the first layer - 3 petals like shown in the picture. Then add the other three to create a layered look.

Step 10:

Make the center. You can use needle felting or wet felting. I realized a had lost all of my felting needles, so I did the wet felting. If you haven't lost or broken your needles, you can needlefelt by pushing the needle in and out of the woolfelt until it forms a ball. If you choose the wet felting as I did, put some soap on the woolfelt and start rolling it in your hands like you would be making a ball from playdough. There may be some cracks in the ball as it is a bit harder to manipulate the felt with this method - you can add a bit more felt. If it gets too slippery, wash away part of the soap and continue to roll. After a while the wool will be compressed into a ball. Wash away the excess soap and let the ball dry.

Step 11: Finish Your Project!

Sew on the center. You are done!

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