Introduction: Interactive Ugly Truth Christmas Sweater

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There are ugly sweaters and ugly truths you sometimes need to face. Get both at the same time with a nice twist that will make the sweater interactive and save you from not knowing any topics for small talk.
It only takes an old sweater, your terribly great diy skills, sarcasm loving friends and a chance to showcase your ugly sweater to embrace some ugly truths together and make you the star of the night! (The ugly truth is that I don't guarantee it and won't take any responsibility for lost potential dates.)


  • Any sweater that fits you
  • Scissors
  • 15 safety pins
  • Hole punch
  • Piece of cardboard for writing
  • Pen
  • 1-2 yards/1-2 meters of ribbon or string
  • Fabric marker
  • +/- 8x8in (20x20cm) or another size of light colored fabric or felt sheet
  • Matching thread and needle (or about 10 extra safety pins)

Step 1: Make the Front of the Sweater

Take the fabric and write "Ugly truth sweater. Take one! " on it with a marker. Make "sweater" smaller, so the focus would be on the "ugly truth".

Step 2: Attach the Fabric

Attach the fabric to the sweater - by sewing or with safety pins.

Step 3: Cut Some Ugly Squares

Cut the cardboard into 15 ~3x3 inch squares (or another size if you like). Punch a hole in the corner.

Step 4: Write Down the Ugly Truths

Write an ugly truth on each square. Here is a list of 15 ugly truths for inspiration! (Or let's be honest - you'll just copy them.)

  • Your lack of taste doesn't mean you'll win the ugly sweater contest.
  • If you close your eyes when eating, calories still count.
  • There are people who only care about your money (relax, they are called accountants).
  • There are people who want to fix you every time you meet them (chill, they are called doctors).
  • Having bags under your eyes won't count as a reusable bags at the supermarket.
  • 5 more minutes of sleep in the morning are never just 5 minutes.
  • We are all faking it.
  • The more you think about not behaving dumb, the dumber you seem.
  • We expect that waking up early gets easier with time. It. Does. Not.
  • No matter how cool this party is, let's admit - we'd better have pizza and movies in our bed.
  • That feeling when you wait for an adult to take care of dinner, laundry or bills.. and realize that you are that adult now.
  • You never outgrow junk food cravings. But you do outgrow your favorite pants because of it.
  • Nothing lasts forever. Except loans.
  • Sure, you can sleep when you’re dead, but you really should sleep now.
  • "You'll understand when you grow up." No, I don't. Can I have my lost hopes back? (No)

Step 5: Add a Ribbon or String

Cut the ribbon or string into pieces (at least ~10cm/4 inches each). Put the ribbon/string through the hole in the cardboard and secure with a knot at the ends.

Step 6: Add Ugly Truths to the Sweater

Attach your ugly truths to the sweater with safety pins.

Step 7: Rock the Party

Share your ugly truths and let people read or take them from your sweater. If you run out, just say - sorry, the ugly truth is that you procrastinate so much that you didn't even get an ugly truth in time.

May your Christmas be more beautiful than your sweaters!

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