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Introduction: Festival Lights DIY

About: A second year student at Delhi Technological University pursuing Engineering.

A step by step Instructable to make a DIY Festival Lights this Season .

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Step 1: Step 1: Material

First Step is to collect the proper material .These can be easily available in most countries at any local electrical shop or online at low prices .

We need :

1. Holders or Adapters .

2. Tester

3. Wire cutter


5. Clips

6. Plugs

7. Wires ( Depends on number of Holders)

8.Bulbs ( One or Two more that number of Holder)

9. Hammer

Step 2: Step 2 : Series or Parallel ?

There are two combinations possible here , The Series one or The Parallel one .

They both have there advantages and disadvantages .

Refer here for more info : Series and Parallel Circuits.

I will be going with the parallel one because in this combination we can easily know which bulb got fuse or damaged , whereas in the series it will render the whole circuit after it and will be disabled.

Step 3: Step 3 : Procedure

This is going to be a Parallel Combination circuit with 1 feet of wire distance between 2 bulbs :

1. Open up the holders using the tester .

2. Using the same tester loose the bolts in the holder as shown in the picture

3. Using the wire cutter peel of the plastic from wire and take the outer holder part through it before going to next step

3. And with the help of pliers make them tight and fit them into the 2 golden coloured Bolts

4. Since this is AC we don't have to worry with the colour of the wire being used , but just to make it more systematic I managed to do it anyway .

5. Make a knot afterwards so that the wires don't come out .

6. Join all the holders with wires in parallel combination .

Step 4: Step 4 : Completion and Set-Up

Joining all the holders together in a parallel combination, we have in the picture. I made this circuit in two separate small ones to use it at two adjacent positions .

Using clips , hammer them to wall and then Screw the bulbs inside them .

You can also use a masking tape to hold it on the railings .

This will be Cheap , Home-made , Durable and Long Lasting Light to light up your Home , Office or nearly anything on any occasion :)

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