Generator : Fidget Spinner Generator 3 in 1

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fidget spinner generator 3 in 1 - now you can configure your fidget spinner generator (three choices)

the micro generator is using 3 neodymium spheres and 3 neodymium discs

(led and small coil iron less )

a sciencetoolbar project


Step 1: Materials I Used to Create Fidget Spinner Generator 3 in 1

Materials :

1. fidget spinner

2. 3 neodymium spheres 13 mm

3. 3neodymium discs



6. small coil iron -less

Step 2: Operations

1. fix the neodymium spheres (3 pieces) on the fidget spinner

2. conect the led to the output coil wires

Step 3: Operations 2

1. Fix the eodymium discs on the neodymium spheres

2. put the coil near the running fidget spinner

the fidget spinner generator is ready

a sciencetoolbar project



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