Fingerless Mittens for Abby


Introduction: Fingerless Mittens for Abby

These are some challenging (but amazing!) fingerless mittens I made for my best friend Abby for Christmas. My other best friend Alexis got some in red...

The lattice work needed a LOT of concentration -- so I knit both of them at the same time to save some frustration. In the end, it was completely worth it!

I used o-wool classic organic merino yarn, size 8 needles and a pattern from my local yarn shop, the Yarn Barn. The pattern is called Basket Lattice Fingerless Gloves .



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    A young woman came into the shop I work in last weekend wearing something very similar done in Aran cables. I think any standard mitten pattern would work - you could just lengthen the cuff, omit the thumb (the pattern will tell you when and how to make the thumb opening) and then just knit an inch or two (3 - 5 cm) beyond the thumb opening (depending on the length / size of your hand).

    Pretty and useful. I would have liked to see a photo of the palm side, too. I can tell you worked hard and it paid off!

    Great item for gifts. Love the look of this pattern.

    Nice a neat pattern you decided to use. I bet all your friends love them, these are amazing!

    Nice cable pattern! Looks very medieval somehow - a bit reminiscent of chain mail. Oh, and I love the caricature in your profile - who did that one? Mine is by an anonymous artist at the Place Montmartre in Paris yeeaars ago, but I could sure do with a more up-to-date version. :-D