Fish Going Around the Wrist.




Introduction: Fish Going Around the Wrist.

About: Former technics and arts and crafts teacher at a school for mentally disabled young adults.

Bracelet from bicycle tube. A nice alternative to the more known jewelry from bicycle tube. And very easy and quick to make with minimal tools and material.
To start you off, take a look at the video. Then have a try or look at the next step.

And 10 points if you spotted the big mistake in the video

Step 1: What the Video Doesn't Tell

Tools and materials:
small piece of bicycle tube
Pair of scissors
permanent marker ( silver?)
Revolver rod

Cut squares from the tube. Small tubes require approx. 9 squares, big ones approx.7. Small tube results in a narrow bracelet, big tube in bold wide bracelet. The width of the tube determines the size of the fish
Open the squares on one side, fold them open. You should end up with rectangles in a ratio 1:2

Step 2: Cutting the Shape

Draw two circles, connected in the middle by 1/3 of the tube width.
On each half round three corners, leaving the top left and bottom right square.
Cut the top left one in a pointy nose.
Cut the bottom right one in a tail
Make a big ( 1/3 of tube width) hole in the right part.
Make two slits in the left part. Lenght 1/2 of tube width.
Punch in a hole for eye with a revolver rod.

Step 3: Decorating

Bicycle tube is a little awkward to decorate. Sometimes I use acrylic paint, but on a bracelet I expect it to flake. This time I used markers with a metallic shine. It works well. An interesting option I haven't tried would be tipp-ex.
If you make your own design, it would be a good idea to do step 4 first to see witch are visible after assembling.
Look at the different designs on the sketch.

Step 4: Weaving the Parts Together

Once you get the hang of this it is really simple. Pull the nose through the big hole of the next part. Pull it up untill the fins protrude and then pull it back. The fins lock in place. To close the bracelet you do exactly the same. A bit fiddly because you have to do it with one hand, but I'm sure you manage.

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