Fix and Strengthen Broken Dog Cable




This instructable is to teach how to fix a broken dog leash with 2 Swivel Snap Bolts

I had to fix my dogs leash, because I accidentally ran over it with the lawn mower, but luckily I only chopped it off the end of the leash and not somewhere in the middle.
I decided to use two clamp sets and bolt snaps, because my dog somehow kept on getting off the leash (ONLY when my wife tied him up). I decided to use two each as a backup.

I also noticed that weather damages the spring in the Snap Bolts, so having backup is a good idea anyway.

I will say that it is a little heavier than I expected, but I am pretty confident my dog does not care.

Step 1: Collect Materials

Collect your materials. I went to Lowe's for my parts. I believe the original leash was a gift from my Mom that I ran over with the lawn mower.


Swivel Snap Bolts - $3.18 -

Clamp Set - $0.99 -

[Instead of a clamp set, you can also buy this kit:

Dog Cable Leash - $24.98 - ]

*Price depends on length and weight of cable.


Step 2: Slide in Bolt Snaps Around Loop

It is easy to line it up as shown on the picture and pull it into place.

This is hard to describe and easy enough to figure out for yourself, but it will take a little strength.

Step 3: Push Cord Through Bolt Snaps Eyes and Around Loop

Refer to the picture above. Leave a few inches of extra cable.

Step 4: Attach First Snap Clamp

This is somewhat tricky to do, because your other hand is holding the cable around the loop in place.

Put the cable around the "U" bolt and then put the other end of the clamp set on followed by the nuts. You can hand tighten the nuts down for now. We will tightening all the way in a later step.

Step 5: Slide the First Camp Set Up Closer to the Loop

Leave room for the second clamp set to fit between the loop and the first clamp set.

Step 6: Attach Second Braket

Once again you can hand tighten this clamp set down too.

Step 7: Tighten With a Needle Nose Pliers

Now tighten down all four nuts all the way.

I found it easier to use a needle nose pliers for this step. Just keep tightening each nut down little by little, because you will see that you can tighten down one side pretty tight, but once you tighten down the other side, there will be more room to tighten the first side even more.

Step 8: Hook It Up to Your Dogs Collar

Thanks Bentley Boy!

Let me know if you have any questions.



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    5 Discussions


    10 months ago

    That's a great idea if your dog breaks cable at the end. Mine likes to break it in the middle. I even bought a cable for twice his weight.


    2 years ago

    good idea for a quick fix. I agree with the comment about covering the ends of the bolts, looking at your dog, Norwegian Elkhound?, the bolts not being covered shouldn't be a problem, but better safe than sorry. Don't worry about the person who said tie outs are cruel, it all depends on the person who is working with the dog. My dad used to have a setup to keep his dog from getting out of the yard that involved a tie out and a guide wire strung from one corner of the yard to the other and the dog was one of the happiest in the world.


    2 years ago

    Dogs should never be put on a tie down! It is cruel!


    2 years ago

    Be sure to cover those bolt ends. We did this as a temporary fix and didn't cover the bolt ends and our dog got a couple raw spots from them rubbing.


    2 years ago

    Cool work! Ideally an appropriate sized spanner or Ratchet with socket is best to tighten those nuts.