Flashing Heart Using LEDs and 555 Timer

Introduction: Flashing Heart Using LEDs and 555 Timer

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Yes I made it for someone special. It is a basic heart made of red LEDs. It has a flashing side too made by using 555 timer IC

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Step 1: Components

I know some items may not be in the circuit but I assure you that both mine and this circuit works 100%

  • Red Leds - 16 or more
  • 330ohm resistors - 1
  • Wyro Board (shown in pic)
  • 555 Timer IC (any series)
  • 10 uF Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 100k Variable Resistor
  • 10k Resistor
  • 1 Push Button
  • 9V Battery Holder Clip
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Breadboard just for testing the circuit(optional)

Step 2: Testing the Circuit on Breadboard

Now that you have got all components you test your circuit before soldering it all together.

I do it with all my projects and it saves both effort and time. Anyways I have attached circuit of bread board.

The push button is added after the +ve voltage for turning the heart on/off.

When your special person takes the gift he/she will press the push button for turning the circuit on/off.

It is simple and I have used breadboard just for testing. It is entirely up to you. This step is optional.

Step 3: Make a Heart

As you can see in the pics that I have just added leds to make a perfect Heart shape. I haven't started soldering or anything yet. It took me three tries to make a good shape heart. You cant make a more tall or fat heart, its up to you.

Hint:- I made it by counting the holes on wyro board.

Step 4: Solder the Ciruit Carefully

Now that you have tested your circuit on the breadboard, you can copy the same circuit here on wyro board. But be careful while soldering. Remember to first check every connection before applying the Hot tip of soldering iron.

Step 5: Fininshed!!!!

Now add a 9V Battery for power and your circuit is ready. I haven't made a box to put it in yet, but you do that else your special someone won't like it much :)

Step 6: What the Heart Does After Pressing the Push Button

This is a flasher circuit attached to the LED heart so it blinks very
fast then it slows down its rate. It continuously keeps on flashing and changing speed of flashing. Your friend will love it. Good Luck!

LED Flasher at a fast speed
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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Is this legit? Not to be rude but I am planning to give a gift for my crush on her birthday and so far this is the easiest tutorial I found. Thanks for answering.

    Maria BernadineF
    Maria BernadineF

    3 years ago

    can I ask how IC 4017 is connected in the circuit? I only see the 555 timer's connections in the schematic. thanks


    3 years ago

    How can i turn it into a 5v supply circuit ? i wish to use it on a usb power bank.


    Reply 3 years ago

    simply remove the 9v regulator from the circuit. But power bank has high current and it could damage the circuit. So plz remember to calculate correct resistor values.


    4 years ago

    hello, you have put Variable Resistor but isn't that a semiconductor ? would a LM7805 work? also do you have to link all the the LED's as all + connected and all - connected together? or are they + to - as a chain? sorry just learning so a bit unsure . Any help would be appreciated !!