Floppy Disk Laptop Desk/Stand




About: I also go by the Instructable user name: UnknownUser2007

Laptop desk made from 82 floppy disks. Design allows airflow. Easy and dorky project! : - )



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    jjoyce ii

    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I want one!

    If you have 5 more floppy discs, you could install a cup holder onto the side! :D

    where can I get that many floppies at? how about cutting the slides out and arranging them for fans to pull heat out back or sides, Great indie

    I'm old so I had a lot of floppies around. So did my parents.
    Yes, scratchr contributor added a fan.
    Great idea. Thanks! : )


    how much weight do you think that beast can hold? I want to make one for my tv lol I guess i could use like some sort of super awesome glue and reinforce all the triangles and especially the legs eh

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    By scrapping the legs, and making a single layer that sits on an already established flat surface, you could conceivably stand a TV on top--it would certainly enhance ventilation.

    Thanks for the comment. The desk will hold around 10 lbs. Sorry, it probably won't hold a large TV. Adding stronger glue would not help but adding reinforcing triangles would. The trade-off would be a bulkier piece. Good luck! : )