Flowers ROSE : Handmade Fabric Flower



Hello Friends ...! Here I am sharing my another hobby that is handmade fabric flower. In this post I am showing you only ROSE flowers made of satin fabric. This handmade beautiful accessory looks really cool and it enhances the beauty of many hair or dress material like headband, kid's dresses. I will show you in future uploads that how these flowers give attractive look to many fashion items.

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Step 1: Pink Rose

Isn't cool ? well friends i made this Rose with satin ribbon and soon I will show u how to make these beautiful flowers in my tutorials.

Step 2: Silver Rose

How is this silver rose flower.. ?? Silver Rose Flower made of fabric called Gotta.

Method of making this flowers is so simple. I glued and stitched it to give it long life. This flower is washable and can be used for girl's fashionable dresses.

Step 3: Tiny Roses

Look at those beautiful tiny flowers ....!!

Aren't they look cute..... ??

Baby pink roses really look pretty on infant's dresses.

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