Forced Air Cooling of WiFi Amplifier - DECOMMISSIONED.

Introduction: Forced Air Cooling of WiFi Amplifier - DECOMMISSIONED.

I recently installed an 8 watt wifi amplifier in my home. Measuring the power used showed 2.4 watt. I'm Guessing the output power is approximately 2 watt. Really bad labelling from the manufacturer of this amplifier.

I Have made sure to change my router's frequency channel to make sure there is no interference with my neighbors.

After a solid day of operation I have been very pleased with the 700 foot radius of connection I enjoy now even though houses and other rf obstacles. I did a thermal imaging scan of the amplifier and it had hotshots of over 63 Celsius! That's too hot! Read on for my solution to this issue.

Step 1: Remove the Bottom Plate and Solder 12volt Fan.

I used an Allen key to take out the back plate. I soldered a 12volt blower fan to the circuit board and simply pushed the fan into the housing carefully.

Step 2: Power Up and Enjoy.

It is true without the bottom plate that the amplifier will pick up more noise but I prefer a cool amp over a less noisy one!

After 9 hours running the amplifier is at room temperature and working great! I attached a thermal image of the amplifier running continuously for 4 days. Max temperature is 36 Celsius internally.

Also the range is still awesome and I have no issues with noise so far.

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    4 years ago

    love the idea but i have a 7 in smartphone that i would love to use a cooling fan while it is in it for it not to overheat can you design one where i can make it? looked all over dont see one for sale.


    5 years ago

    Put a metal cage around the fan and made the hole where exoust is.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Excellent idea! I have plans to build just that.