Photographing Owls and Other Nocturnal Animals

For those who like to photograph wildlife at night and have trouble operating a camera and light source simultaneously, I’ve created this cheap and simple device made from objects derived from junk. There’s no secret as to the construction details.

Step 1: Materias Utilizados

Anyone can adapt it to their specific needs and available material.

- An aluminum base (can also be wood, plastic, etc.) -

- 3/4" PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) connection, or other (depending on the diameter of the flashlight)

- A used or discarded flashlight LED (I used one taken from a malfunctioning switch)

- A simple switch

- Fixation screw on the camera body (my prototype was built with an old knob)

- Solder, 3,6v battery, etc.

Step 2: Usando O Equipamento

Once attached to the camera, all you need to do is turn on the light and
point to the target, while one hand is conveniently free for you to adjust the equipment to your liking.



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