Frankenstein and His Bride

I have been The Bride of Frankenstein more than a dozen times over the years and this year I wanted to be more authentic. I use a piece of carpet that I hot glued together and place on top of my head and brought all my hair up around it and secured it with a black twistie. This way, I did not have to use a ton of bobbie pins to secure my hair- just hair spray! Then, we sprayed it black and put in the streaks. I painted on the stitches with face paint (made in U.S.A.) The dress was just two white sheets that I hot glued together, cut a rectangle out for my neck and brought up the sides to my shoulders with another piece of the sheet that I cut off which gathered it vey nicely. I used stretchy material for the arms, cut into strips and hot glued it as I was wrapping it around my arm. I attached it to a white t-shirt and was done with my costume. Now, Frankestein is another story... I used a baseball helmet with the guard attached and cut the top part of the guard off with bolt cutters. This way, my husband can see out of his mouth. I found a big cheesball container which became the top of his head. I covered it in 1/2" fabric foam and shaped his face. I had to put about 8 layers of liquid latex on his face and then painted him. The eyes were wooden dowels that I painted. I used fake black fur for his hair. A jacket from a garage sale and platform boots that we ordered online finished the costume.



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