Free Expandable SD Card Case

Introduction: Free Expandable SD Card Case

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Many a photographer will probably have encountered this problem.

Once you begin to acquire multiple SD cards, you begin to lose them. They get lost at the bottom of your camera bag or in your pocket and you can never quite find them when you need them.

So, here's a quick, totally free way to keep your (often expensive) SD cards safe.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

This Instructable is based on the packaging you [sometimes] get with a new SD card. If you don't have what I used, then improvise, think, imagine, get round the problem!!!!

You will need:

          -   Pieces of plastic or other things to hold SD cards in
          -   A mini clip

I got my new SD cards from here.

Step 2: Unpackage SD Cards

This is fairly simple. Unpackage the cards. Save the plastic inserts [as well as the SD cards themselves]. Recycle the cardboard.

Step 3: Make the Case

Get your plastic inserts. Clip them together with a bulldog clip.

Step 4: You're Done!

Step back and admire your totally free SD card case!

     Make a cover out of card or fabric to go round the plastic
     Use elastic bands instead of the clip
     Use staples

You could just buy a case from a shop (£5-10) but that defeats the purpose of getting one for free.

Hope you enjoy! :)

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 4

    it'd be pretty cool if you could get a few of these printed or formed in case the SD cards don't come in these kinds of packages.


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 4

    That would be helpful............. I don't really know if there's enough demand to get that done. I guess as companies are using them it might be possible to get them from a packaging supplier or even direct from China (or wherever they're made). I think they're made on a vacuum former so with the right mould and plastic, it would be easy to make a few. It might be possible to make something on a 3D printer as well but it would be probably be more expensive. All the SD cards I've ever bought have had either one of these pieces of plastic or a small 'click close' case.