Frofee! (Frozen/Cold Coffee)



Introduction: Frofee! (Frozen/Cold Coffee)

Ever been sitting in the hot scorching sun, dreaming of nice cold summer drink? Well you have come to the right instructable! Here I will teach you how to make a Frofee! A Frofee is basically just a frozen coffee or can also be called cold coffee. This drink will be be your new favorite summer beverage! Also it doesn't even take long to make! If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below! 

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Step 1: Ingredients

2 Cups Of Crushed Ice
3-4 Teaspoons Of Sugar (optional, Your may also increase or decrease amount as desired)
2-3 Teaspoons of Instant Coffee (Depending on strength and brand this is also adjustable as desired)
1/8 Cup Water
2 Cups Of Milk (Any % fat. 1 or 2% recommended)

Makes 4 servings

Make sure to have measuring cups and a blender!

Step 2: Ice

Take two cups of crushed ice and put the ice into the blender.

Step 3: Sugar

Next add the 3-4 teaspoons of sugar into the blender. Remember if you like things to be sweeter then add more sugar and if not then add less. If once the drink the finished and you would like for it to be sweeter then add sugar at the end and blend for a short period of time. (Approximately 5-10 seconds)

Step 4: Instant Coffee

Now add 2-3 teaspoons of instant coffee to the blender. Reminder: If you want the Frofee to be stronger then I recommend adding 3-4 teaspoons. Make sure you take into account what brand you are using, for some brands are stronger than others.

Step 5: Water

This is the last step before turning on the blender. Add 1/8 cup of water. Make sure not to add too much water, because it could ruin the drink.  The sole purpose of the water is to add some moisture to the mixture, because otherwise it will not blend and the ice mixture will be too dry.

Step 6: Blending

Now that all of the ingredient have been put into the blender, except for the milk, it is time for the fun part...Blending! Turn the blender on the medium setting or on my blender it is called ice crush/milkshake. It's the perfect button for the job! *IMPORTANT* Place you hand on the lid of the blender for security. Even if the manufactures say that is perfectly safe if you don't, I wouldn't take the chance ruining your kitchen and making a huge mess.

Step 7: Milk

It's finally time to pour the milk! Take the two cups of milk and pour into the blender. Be sure to pour it carefully, so the milk doesn't spill.  Also don't put too much milk because it could dilute the coffee and make the Frofee weaker. Note that any fat % of milk may be used.

Step 8: Blending Again

It's blending time again! Now that the milk has been poured turn the blender on the medium setting or on my blender the setting is Ice crush/milkshake. Once the drink has been blended nicely. It is time for the last step. Remember to keep you hand on the lid for protection!

Step 9: Pouring

The Art of Pouring! When pouring the Frofee you have to make sure not to pour the drink too fast, because if you do then the froth will all go into one cup instead of equally among the three. So to solve this, you have to pour the Frofee little by little into the cups. After you are finished pouring, take a sip and savor the delicious Frofee. Your are finally finished and have created a master piece. Enjoy your Frofee!

Step 10: Last Words...

Make sure to comment and tell me how you liked the Frofee! Also if you have any suggestions Please tell, I'm always looking to make things better! 


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