From Ordinary Rock, to Cool Paperweight




If you have some interesting rocks you find on trips or just when you take a walk. Why not make a nice paperweight for you or as a gift. I painted this for my "Hulk loving " son awhile back. Easy and you can paint whatever is near and dear to the recipients heart.

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Step 1: Simple Tools Needed

All you need is:

A rock (duh), preferably a smooth one of sufficient size

Acrylic paints (if painting image)/Michaels craft store

Small brushes for detail work/Michaels craft store

An image you want to paint or transfer (painted this from scratch but one can look up how to transfer image in many ways besides painting)

Glossy acrylic spray (to seal, protect and add glossy effect to finished product)/Michaels craft store

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I free hand scetched and painted this while my kids were painting there rocks. It came out so good, I decided to seal it with a overnight glaze. Others I just sprayed with an acrylic gloss sealer. Thanks again for the kind words. :)