Full Metall Everlasting Flowerpot, Steampunkers Valentine, FULLMETALPLANT

Introduction: Full Metall Everlasting Flowerpot, Steampunkers Valentine, FULLMETALPLANT

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Hi there,

this is an everlasting flowerpot i´ve made, no drought or global warming or killerwave can ever kill this FULLMETALPLANT
i think it´s the right gift for an motorhead or Steampunker wich you would´nd trust an living plant.

it´s all made of leftover parts of an VW Beetle restauration.

The parts are:

- 5 grindbrushes
- 5 Engine valvesprings
- an Brakedrum
- 3 Enginevalves
-an little sheetmetal disk
-welding wires

and some rusty sweepings after an long day in the workshop

How to build:

-Weld the enginevalves to the brakedrum so it stands
-weld the little sheetmetalplate over the middlehole in the brakdrum to cover it
-cut the weldingwires in the length you like
-weld the brushes to the wires
-put the springs over the wire and weld the to the brushes
-weld the undersider of the welding wire to the upper side of the brakedrum bottom
-bend the wires in the way you like

-sweep the rusty crumbs under your car restauration project, filter and clean it a bit so you only have nice red-brown rust chips
-fill the brakedrum with the rusty chips, it looks like sand

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic idea, well executed! The use of rusty chips as dirt is inspired! I might suggest that if you have any rocker arms or clutch spring leaves, you could use them as flower leaves. Brilliant work; thanks for sharing!