Gas Lantern Rebirth (converted to Electric)

Introduction: Gas Lantern Rebirth (converted to Electric)

We wanted a unique lamp on our balcony (as the constructor didn't provide one) so we decided to rehabilitate one old gas lantern and convert it to electric lamp.

it took some time to find one, but it was worth it.

Step 1: Divide Et Impera

I disassembled and washed it with dish washing liquid and sponge.

Step 2: Get Rid of Old Paint

I used a drilling machine and some brass brushes to clean it thorough.

And of course protection...

Step 3: Assemble It Back and Mount It in Place

Step 4: Enjoy!

I might paint it in black in the future and I'll update the i'ble.

Step 5: Update!

Painted and final version.



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    It was posted in the first tutorial the specifications

    Hi wrongname just a reply on a comment you posted input will work in python 2 however it is not recommended as it is not stable

    In US terms these are caled Kerosene lanterns. They are still sold in expensively at stores such as Walmart. Please consider using a new lantern and leaving the antiques for collectors and people who will use them with intended fuel. New ones do not burn Kerosene so great, so hacking them to run on electrons is no loss. They are cosmetically just like the old ones, but skimp on important details of burner and vent design. Of course the lantern in this 'ible seems to have been in very sad shape, so no great loss.

    If you have an old Dietz lantern in good condition, it is worth enough on eBay to buy several new ones to hack up.

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    Thanks for the tips, but i'm not from US, so no Walmart access.
    and yes, you are right: the lantern was not in a good shape, the cap is 30% burned and rusty. i don't think any collector would be interested in buying it.


    4 years ago

    looking at the photos I think you've converted it to electric any chance of more details?

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    converting the lantern to electric lamp was the easiest part. wick socket has been replaced with an electric bulb socket, wires comes through the hole where usually the lamp was filled with gas.

    when i'll paint it i'll take some detailed photos, if it is not clear.