Getting Started With SkiiiD Editor

skiiiD Editor, Development Board Firmware IDE

skiiiD Editor is based on skiiiD(Firmware Development Engine). Now, it is compatible with Arduino UNO, MEGA, and NANO with 70+ components.

Operating System

macOS / Windows

How to Install

Visit Website to download client


Arduino UNO,

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Step 1: Create Project: Start Page

You will see the start page when you launch skiiiD. In this page, you can create or open a project and select your board.

Step 2: Create Project: Board Select

Step1. Select new button on the left-upper side of start page or press ctrl+N.

Step2. Select a board to start a project.

Step 3: Add Components

In order to develop firmware you need to select components.

Step1. Click Plus '+' button On right side of client

Step 4: Add Components: Component Selection

Step2. Select components from the provided lists

Component libraries will be updated constantly. Please visit Request Library Page for requesting components.

Step 5: Add Components: Component Detail Page

Step3. When click a component, configure pins, check funcitions and further information about the component.

Step4. Click Add button right below of the window.

Step 6: Add Components: Connection Alert Feature

Make sure all component signs are green. If the dot color is yellow, other component already use the pin.

Step 7: Add Components: Component Added

Step 8: Add Components: Essential Code Auto Filled

Step5. Essential Code to implement component's function is auto-filled.

Step 9: Code Auto-Complete

If a component is properly added, write component name. Available functions(preset code) are listed on editor.

The code is created by skiiiD team. For further information please visit skiiiD Libraries Page

Step 10: Miscellaneous

Find and Replace Feature

Press ctrl+F for find and replace panel. It is available to find a word and replace it.

Keyboard Shortcut (In the parenthesis = macOS)

ctrl+X (CMD+x) Cut highlighted text

ctrl+C (CMD+C) Copy highlighted text

ctrl+V (CMD+V) Paste highlighted text

ctrl+A (CMD+A) Select all text

ctrl+F (CMD+F) Open find and replace panel

ctrl+SPACE (CMD+SPACE) Open auto-complete list

ctrl+K (CMD+K) Fold / Unfold

ctrl+Shift+K (CMD+Shift+K) Fold / Unfold all

P.S. This is beta version and it is free now. We are working on components and boards libraries. Feel free to use it and welcome to feedback.

email : or visit and Fill out Need help tab.

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