Glass Apple Created in SelfCAD

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  • In this step by step article, we are going to learn how to create the above printable Glass Apple in SelfCAD.
  • Before we begin make sure you have signed up in SelfCAD and launched the Editor. But if you have not done so, Click here to register.

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Step 1: Creating the Base of the Apple

  • Select the Shape Generator tool from the Create Section.
  • Set the bottom and top radius to 20 and 30 respectively and ensure the "Fill" option is selected. Set the angle to 360 degrees and the number of edges and height to 8 and 10 respectively.
  • Select "Add Segment" in order to add another segment on top of it.Set only the top radius to 50.
  • Add another segment and set the top radius to 60 then select "Add" to add another segment.
  • Set the top radius and height to 70 and 30 respectively to be as shown in the second image above.
  • Add another segment and set the top and bottom radius to 80 and 70 respectively.
  • Add another segment and set-top radius to 85 and add another segment.
  • Set the top radius to 60 and height to 20. Add another segment and set the top radius and height to 10 and 8 respectively. Finally, add another segment and set the height and top radius to 20 and Finalize the shape.
  • Select the top and bottom of the apple using the Polygon selection tool found in the Region selection tab.
  • Give the apple the desired shape using the scale and Move tools.
  • Apply round corners to make the model smoother and more detailed. You can do this by selecting Round corners tool found in the Tools bar and set the smoothness to 3.
  • After doing this, rename it as Apple so that we can be able to distinguish it from the other model.

Step 2: Drawing an Apple Stick

  • Select Spline Drawing tool found in the create section. Set the number of edges to 50 and the size to 3 then finalize the shape.
  • Select the end of the stick using Polygon selection tool. Use the Scale and move tools to adjust its shape.
  • Use the Snap tool to position the stick to the Apple. You can achieve this by selecting the move tool and you will be able to see the Position option on the top bar.

Step 3: Creating a Leaf

  • Select the Image Generator tool from the Create section and select your image. To access the image you will be using click this link.
  • Turn on Backside and symmetry and set the amount to 2 then finalize the shape.
  • Select the Background of the leaf and delete it using the region selection tool.
  • Select the edges of the leaf using the region selection tool and smooth them using the smoothing brush (smoothing brush is found in the sculpting tool). You can check the video to see how it's being done.
  • Position the leaf on the apple using the scale and move tool and change the color of the model to reflect the one shown above.

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